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Monday, 12 October 2009

Please Pardon the Silence...

Please pardon my silence but I'm feeling a bit BLUE, could be the changing of the seasons could be my regular visitor, could be, could be..... I don't know.

I have lots to share but no umph! to do so, so please pardon my silence on my blog and on commenting on yours.

Give me a moment and I'll be back,



  1. Its always important to make time for yourself, so no apologies necessary.

    Take care

  2. Take as long as you need..i will be here when you feel up to writing again xxxx

  3. Kella, I have just got back from my son's and read your post. I hope you aren't over doing things! you are so hard working and always have such a lot on the go, and like me those late nights !!! Please take care of yourself and take it easy for a few days. We will all be waiting to read your posts whenever you feel up to writing again. I get like this too remember a few posts ago I was saying the same thing.
    Take it easy
    xxxxxx :) :)

  4. HI. I recently took a couple of weeks away from posting as I had been feeling ill and then tired and consequently wasn't that inspired to write. We all need a bit of time to ourselves, to recoup and regenerate every now and then. Relax and I look forward to a catch up when you feel up to it. Oh and the best thing in autumn to cheer you up is jumping up and down in crunchy dried leaves till you are giggling.

  5. Hope your little break will give you lots of oomph. Looking forward to having you back.

  6. Thanks everyone for your lovely understanding comments, it has made me feel really warm inside.

    Since my daughter's return to school my time has seemed so chopped up with school runs and school prep, etc, which can leave me feeling somewhat resentful.

    My time is also being swallowed by my own interest such as allotment winter prep, starting this little craft business and organising my eldest 10th B/day party.

    Garden Mum I know what you mean as soon as the leaves are down I'll be one of the first to be jumping in them :)

    Thanks again everyone for understanding. Hope to be posting again soon and though I'm not commenting much on the blogs I follow, rest assured I'm reading them.

  7. Soon be half-term! :)

  8. You have an award on my blog...I hope you come and accept it!!

  9. Thanks Tanya for passing on this award, I think its the kick I needed to start blogging again.



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